TriNøden Marine Services

TriNøden Marine has wide experience in providing support and expert advice in all aspects of marine operations.


Technical & Commercial Surveys

On-Off Hire Condition Survey Pre-Purchase Vessel Valuation Flag State Inspections Loss Prevention Cargo Shortage Damage Claims Draft Survey Pre-Shipment

Report Management System provides comprehensive and detailed reports with contemporary multimedia solutions. It is exclusive to our clients.

Claims Handling &
Dispute Settlements

Investigations Contracts Sanctions Litigation Vessel due diligence Collision Liability and Claims Salvage, LOF, TOF, and SCOPIC Litigation Shipbuilding Bid & Protests

Our expertise with global presence enables immediate response with positive action to provide support, protection, and dispute resolution.

Chartering & SNP Brokerage

Project Cargoes Heavy-Lift Operations Breakbulk Bulk Cargoes Steel Cargoes Mineral concentrates Shipbrokers Ship Sale & Purchase

Dry/break-bulk cargo chartering and brokering through our rich network in West and East with global presence accross the globe.

Expertise & Training
Maritime Cybersecurity Human Element Leadership Maritime Piracy Best Management Practices ISM & ISPS Codes Legal Advice Salvage Contracts Shipbuilding Regulatory and Legislative Advice

Best practices and practical applications for continued growth, development, and improvement in business with risk mitigation.

Competitiveness and resilience in market conditions with development.

Crew Management & Cruise Services

Recruitment Training Pre-Departure Briefing Evaluation & Debriefing Cabin Crew Supply Onboard Audits Crowd and Crisis Management Safety Services

TriNøden Training & Assessment System (TTAS) at provides unique training and assessment solutions!

Supply of Eastern European and East Asian Seafarers to the international seas with management.

Ageny Services

Protective Husbandry Crew Change Supplies Logistics Istanbul Bosporus Dardanelles Strait Singapore Transit & Anchorage

Dynamic and robust support at the ports/straits of Turkey, China, and Singapore.


Utilization of Big Data!

TriNøden offers cutting edge solutions with contemporary tools for the utmost convenience and satisfaction of its clients.

TriNøden Report Management System (RMS)

RMS provides audit and inspection reports with high-resolution videos and images. It enables ship-owners and managers to explore details with comfort and precise information.

TriNøden Training & Assessment System (TTAS)

TTAS is a novel and unique online solution to support the training requirements of seafarers as well as employees. It offers comprehensive and all-embracing query conformity to manage assignments and assessments with enhanced monitoring function. TTAS is a prominent solution to support managers and top-management in ship-owners or managers.


Sound Senior Team

Our team consists of experienced Master Mariners, Lawyers, Chief Engineers, and Naval Architects with an utmost commitment to the highest levels of integrity at the international standards.

Captain Ozgur Dogan Gunes
Capt. Ozgur D. Gunes AFNI

Managing Director


Cai Yue Yun
Cai Yue Yun

General Manager


Erkan Cakmakkaya
Dr. VS Ataergin LMAA CIArb

Consultant & Arbitrator


Erkan Cakmakkaya
Erkan Cakmakkaya

Technical Director


Salih Karaer
Capt. Salih Karaer

Port Captain