TriNøden Marine Services

TriNøden Marine has wide experience in providing support and expert advice in all aspects of marine operations.


  • 1974

    1st Generation

    Family business, commodity (Agricultural products) trading

  • 1984

    2nd Generation

    Shipping in domestic waters

  • 1997

    2nd Generation

    Time-Chartered first vessel to trade in Mediterranean Sea

  • 2001

    2nd Generation

    Expansion in business area with Quality Management Systems/Audits and Inspections

  • 2009

    3rd Generation

    TriNøden Marine formed to oversee shipping activities

  • 2019

    3rd Generation

    International presence of TriNøden Marine in China and expansion in Turkish ports


Sound Senior Team

Our team consists of experienced Master Mariners, Lawyers, Chief Engineers, and Naval Architects with an utmost commitment to the highest levels of integrity at the international standards.

Captain Ozgur Dogan Gunes
Capt. Ozgur D. Gunes AFNI

Managing Director


Cai Yue Yun
Cai Yue Yun

General Manager


Erkan Cakmakkaya
Dr. VS Ataergin LMAA CIArb

Consultant & Arbitrator


Erkan Cakmakkaya
Erkan Cakmakkaya

Technical Director


Salih Karaer
Capt. Salih Karaer

Port Captain